Luxury Natural Scented Sachets – Fragranced Honeycomb

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Sensuously perfumes for upto 9 months !

Perfume coated 100% natural beeswax honeycomb.

Intense fragrance with natural / organic essential oils.

Place or hang the PAIRFUM Scented Sachet in a wardrobe, drawer or a similar location and it will miraculously perfume every day.

Enjoy selecting one of our beautiful fragrances (see ‘fragrance descriptions’ below).



Natural Scented Sachets For Wardrobe & Drawers

Place or hang PAIRFUM’s Scented Sachets in a wardrobe, cupboard, chest of drawers or a similar location and it will miraculously perfume every day (for up to 9 months).

Why Are These Scented Sachets So Special ?

Each precious natural beeswax honeycomb sheet is carefully coated by hand with a pure & concentrated perfume infused but crystallised nectar:

  • 100 % natural, beeswax honeycomb
  • perfumes (lasts) up to 9 months
  • exquisite couture perfumes are made using essential oils and are fully biodegradable, healthy for you and the environment
  • handmade & gift wrapped by artisans in the United Kingdom
  • non toxic – non carcinogenic – non VOC
  • PAIRFUM uses part of its profits to buy beehives for the developing world. One beehive sustains one family, year after year.

What About The Foundation Sheet ?

Beekeepers use honeycomb foundation sheets to help bees by making it easier to collect honey. Instead of the bees having to produce a foundation sheet upon which they can build the honey-filled honeycombs, the beekeeper saves their efforts by placing a ready made foundation sheet into the beehive.

The sheets in the PAIRFUM Scented Sachets are idential to the ones that beekeepers use in their beehives.

The fragranced sachet contains a real beeswax foundation sheet:

  • 100 % pure beeswax made from European beeswax
  • the beeswax has only been filtered, i.e. no chemical treatment was used
  • it has been mechanically pressed into the typical honeycomb structure as found in nature
  • these sheets are identical to the honeycomb foundation sheets that beekeepers use in beehives

The scented sachet is the following size: 11 cm wide x 18 cm tall

Why Is This Product Better Than Scented Lavender Bags ?

Fragranced, natural Lavender Bags are beautiful but they have one major downside:

If you do not squeeze the Lavender every few days to express some of the lovely, natural lavender oil, then the Lavender Bags stop scenting after a few days.

The PAIRFUM Scented Sachets on the other hand, keep fragrancing continuously for upto 9 months.

As they use pure, crystallised perfume, it gradually but consistently scents. You will notice that the surface of the perfume coated honeycombs feel a little soapy, waxy or resin-like. This is the crystallised fragrance that slowly evaporates, a little bit like the solid perfumes that many have come to enjoy wearing.

How Do The Honeycomb Sachets Compare With Scented Drawer Liners ?

We all love opening drawers that are wonderfully fragrant. Scented Drawer Liners typically are beautifully decorated papers that are infused with perfume.

Sadly, thin papers do not have the capacity to absorb a lot of perfume, which is why scented drawer liners loose their scent so quickly.

We suggest to keep your lovely scented paper for its decor but instead of trying to refresh these. We recommend that you just one (yes, just one) of the PAIRFUM Scented Sachets to one of the drawers. It will surprise you, as the scent travels from one drawer to the next. It really is wonderful.

PAIRFUM invites you to add a touch of elegance within your wardrobes, cupboards or chest of drawers.

1 review for Luxury Natural Scented Sachets – Fragranced Honeycomb

  1. 5 out of 5

    John Stevenson


    • Josephine McCarthy

      Dear John,
      Thank you. We are delighted you enjoy our Beeswax Sachet.

      Kindest regards,

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