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Have You Applied Too Much Perfume? 4 x Tips from a Perfumer.

Applying Too Much Perfume Before Going Out

Dealing With Excess Or Too Much Perfume

It has happened to all of us, we have sprayed too much perfume!

Does this sound familiar: we have a new perfume we absolutely love, we are getting ready for the party/work/school/night out / date or another special occasion … and boom, it has happened, we sprayed too much perfume.

In our enthusiasm, we have been been a ‘little’ too generous and applied too much fragrance.

Instead, of a wonderful aura surrounding we smell as if we have doused our body with an entire bottle, which is clearly too much for close comfort.

How To Check If You Have Applied Too Much Perfume?

Before, discussing how to rectify an excessive application of perfume, it would perhaps be more appropriate to describe what that would perhaps look like.

We all love fragrances, and so do other people, but perfume nor cologne should be so overpowering as if it runs in our veins.

However, individuals are often easily desensitized to their own aromas and you can learn to recognize when you have worn “too much” of a fragrance.

The first and perhaps the most obvious way would be if people around you compliment you on your beautiful smell but yet are often trying to turn their nose away.

If you find that people sneeze, complain of migraines, or even avoid standing next to you, they are all strong indicators as perfume can exaggerate certain intolerances and reactions of the body. Therefore, applying excessive amounts is likely to result in such consequences.

A rule of thumb when applying perfume would be to avoid more than two sprays or leaving an applied area still quite moist after a few seconds. Such excessive use if very unnecessary for most perfumes are very long-lasting. A small dab is normally as much as you would need on your skin and (at a push) maybe your hair.

As previously mentioned, one should be easily desensitized to their own smells.

If however, you are very much aware of the scent you are producing, we would encourage you to ask your friends for feedback. Not just for your own vanity, but also such intense smells could mean you are inflicting the ailments previously mentioned upon yourself.

Now that we have explored what applying too much perfume can look like, what can be done when you make such a mistake?

What Can Be Done When You Apply Too Much Perfume?

Here are out top tips:

1. Make Use Of Rubbing Alcohol

This is the simplest and cheapest solution, just soak a cotton ball with a little bit of rubbing alcohol and apply or wipe the area in question.

Where can you buy it, if you don’t already stock at home? Typically, a drugstore or chemist offers it for sale but it might be behind the counter (upon request).

This is our fastest and cheapest suggestion.

It also works well if the perfume has accidentally spilled or spread onto your clothes, fabrics, or linens. Please be advised though, that you must double-check on an ‘invisible’ area (e.g. inside of your clothes or at the bottom) that the alcohol does not damage your clothes.

2. Use Baking Soda

This is an old and trusted remedy but you will need spare time.

Make a paste with equal parts of baking soda and warm water. Then apply the mixture to your skin, leave it on for a few minutes, and then wash off.

The baking soda will soak up the oils of the perfumes and remove the excess perfume.

3. Hair Dryer

This may be an unorthodox solution but it works surprisingly well. Set your hair dryer to the highest temperature and direct the hot air in the affected areas. The heat and the airflow remove a surprisingly large amount of the excess in a short time.

This solution also works well for perfume spills on clothes.

We call this the elegant solution and it also works well when the excess amount you applied was not as drastic.

4. On The Go

The ‘faux pas’ has happened while you were out and about or were refreshing yourself in the bathroom.

First solution: does the bathroom have a hot air dryer that you could use and direct at the problem area?

The second solution: do you see an alcoholic wet wipe or an alcoholic hand sanitizer?

Next solution: do you have access to some unscented (or lightly scented) lotion? Take a cotton ball or some tissue paper, dab on some lotion, rub it in and then remove it. The oils in the lotion will mix with the perfume and remove it when you wipe off the lotion.


What Can Be Done if A Colleague Is Wearing Too Much Perfume?

If you are an employee who has been negatively affected by a colleague’s smell, here are some guidelines for coping.

Most importantly, if there is a known medical problem at stake, you should involve your HR manager as soon as possible.

Otherwise, it is better to be direct when describing the problem.

While it is possible to send an anonymous SMS or email, you will get better cooperation when you handle the situation face to face. If you decide to resolve the conflict, your situation should be discussed privately with your colleague or the employee in question.

Blonde Model Wearing Too Much Perfume

You should understand that it is likely they will feel embarrassed and defensive, we would recommend you first admitting how uncomfortable the conversation is for you and they shouldn’t feel embarrassed at all.

Try to avoid describing their attitudes or motivations and only focus on their behaviours. Furthermore, avoid confrontation by not making demands but simply sharing information.

Such information could be an aggravated illness of yours, although, it should be emphasized you are not accusing your colleague of any malicious intent, just make them aware of the unfortunate consequences of their overwhelming perfume or cologne.

Too Much Perfume Applied By Woman Sitting Down


In most cases, the ‘faux pas’ will probably not be as bad, as it first feels.

Simply hanging out your clothes to air them or washing the affected areas on your skin with simple soap should solve the problem.

In the worst-case scenario, you may have to take a shower or wash your clothes (include some oxygen bleach for best results).

Good Luck!

Female Model In Black Applying Too Much Perfume

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