Perfume Wood Green Happy St Patricks Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Perfume Green Happy St Patricks Day Ireland Guide

A very Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone, wherever you may be in the World, from Pairfum London!

Enjoy this wonderful day of Green Celebration.

Perfume Green Happy St Patricks Day

The ‘Green’ Note in Perfumery on St. Patrick’s Day?

Is there a ‘green’ fragrance that you should wear today to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Read our recommendation.

In perfumery, when we refer to the term “green”, we mean notes such as ‘freshly cut grass’ or ‘crushed leaves’.

A fragrance ingredient which typifies this class is ‘galbanum’, a resin from a grass, it has a very strong green, watery and spring-like note.

Perfumers automatically associate Galbanum with ‘Vent Vert’ by Balmain, the first perfume where it dominated the note.

In recent years, another ingredient has become a popular green note: Fig leaf.

It is a synthetic ingredient, which produces the green, bitter-fruity note typical of Fig Leaf.

Demeter’s ‘Fig Leaf’ is a perfume that exemplifies this ingredient.

Another modern green note is  ‘Violet Leaf’ with its aqueous nuances.

Fresh cut cucumber comes to mind when describing this ingredient, it is used frequently in men’s notes.

‘Tomato Leaf’ is a further popular green element in today’s perfumery accords.

It has more of a herbaceous note paired with its green character.

‘Eau de Campagne’ by Sisley illustrates tomato leaf in couture perfume.

What is your perfect ‘green’ fragrance for St. Patrick’s Day?

Perfume Green Shamrock Flower Happy St Patricks Day

Perfume Green Happy St Patricks Day Cup Cake

Perfume Green Happy St Patricks Day Bouquet

Outdoor Photgrapher Year Perfume Sea Salt Water Minerals Pier Mane

2018 Photo of the Year in Fragrance

The winning photographs of this year’s competition “Outdoor Photo of the Year 2018” have been revealed!

You can review the winning images on this website:

When admiring the winning or commended photographs, we noticed how some of them created ‘fragrant images’ for us here at Pairfum and we wanted to share some of these ‘olfactive photos’ with you.

Protea Banks, KwaZulu

The image above was taken in Protea Banks, KwaZulu – Natal, South Africa by Pier Many (photographer) and he said this about his image:
“Protea Banks is an underwater reef on the east coast of South Africa that is under consideration for protected area status. Amazing creatures such as this cephea (or crown) jellyfish live there. It was the biggest jellyfish I’ve ever seen, over one metre in diameter. Its purple head and yellow fuselage were simply amazing. With no background objects present to provide perspective, and wishing to exalt this crown jellyfish with its stunning colours, majestic size and dancing elegance, I opted to purposefully crop the jellyfish to fill the frame.”

For us this image created the vivid fragrance of the sea, with its aquatic & salty nuances, its marine minearals, the notes of sea weed and algae. We regularly incorporate these elements in our notes and we particularly liked about this image that marine notes are frequently only displayed a ‘blue’ images whereas this image is displays the most vivid colours.

Namib Desert, Namibia

Here are the comments of Tom Putt (the photographer) about his marvellous photo:
“Flying low over the endless sand dunes of the Namib Desert, I noticed the cloud cover provided this interesting play of light on the landscape. When the sun heats up the dunes, it draws the black minerals to the surface. When I came to process the image, the stunning colours revealed themselves.”

We believe this image perfectly captures the essence of ‘oriental notes’, their warmth & richness, the depth of their accord and sensuous nature.

Outdoor Photgrapher Year Oriental Scent Tom Putt

Storvatnet, Flakstadøya, Lofoten, Norway

This is what Daniel Laan, the photographer says about his image:
“Stjerntinden is a sheer-walled 930m peak rising from the often frozen and snow-covered Storvatnet lake. Along its shoreline the ice is punctured by unyielding rocks, which create tiny ice caves. I decided to put my camera inside this particular one because its curvy roof and virgin snow complemented the inhospitable background so well. However, therein lay the main challenge. I put the camera in from the front, facing out, but had no idea of the composition. I carefully turned the focus ring each shot with a view to making a final focus stacked image. I then lifted the camera for the final frame to reveal more of the mountain and fill the entirety of the cave mouth.”

Does Ice have a fragrance? We believe so and wrote about it in this article:

It conjures up the salty but beautifull fresh, clean ozonic note of ice and outdoor ions.

Outdoor Photgrapher Year Perfume Ice Cold Salt Daniel Laan

El Capitan, Yosemite National Park, California, USA

The comments of Alex Palmer (photographer)
“Two climbers approach El Cap Tower on the The Nose route on El Capitan. I was taking a day off from the route that my partner and I were attempting on the West Face of El Capitan. We headed down to the meadow opposite the peak to watch the climbers on the wall and get some images. The hardest thing I’ve found about photographing this rock face is to get any idea of how vast it really is. I spotted two climbers* approaching the El Cap Tower feature and just started to snap photos. When I zoomed in to preview the images, I was really pleased with the scale and atmosphere they showed.”

Do stones have a scent? Have you ever taken the time to smell one?

Try it and you will be surprised by the variety of fragrances that you pick up. The sheer cliff face certainly triggered a memory of an earthy, sun-bleached rock face for us.

Outdoor Photgrapher Year Scent Stone Alex Palmer

Grand Union Canal, Olton, Solihull, England

Chris Fletcher said this about his photo:”This shot was taken handheld using the diffused sunrise light to soften the subject and surrounding woodland. This helped to bring out the colour of the autumn leaves and of the boat. I regularly explore the canal network in the West Midlands and in autumn the atmosphere and colour of the waterways offer fantastic scenes to capture. The composition was made easy by the diagonal positioning of the canal and towpath, which gave me a natural rule of thirds image.”

Here in Europe and London in particular, this image conjures up the memories of moist woody notes from walks in the forest in Autumn. Add to this watery, green notes of the canal and you can see how this images creates a beautifully complex note.

Outdoor Photgrapher Year Fragrance Autumn Wood Canal Chris Fletcher

Wyming Brook, Peak District, England

Jay Birmingham about his shot:
“I had gone to Wyming Brook in the Peak District to try to capture some landscape shots. Struggling to find any unique angles, I cast my eyes over the smaller features around me and spotted, in the middle of the water, a small mossy island with a solitary bonnet mushroom growing on it. Even better, there was a small waterfall just behind. I crouched as low down in the water as I could to position the mushroom in front of the waterfall, and then used a neutral density filter to capture the path of the water swirling through this beautiful micro landscape.”

“Oakmoss” is also known as ‘Mousse de Chene’ or ‘Treemoss’. For many people this terms does not trigger an olfactive memory and yet it is a very prominent ingredient in perfumery, such as “Mitsouko” by Guerlain, its role within the ‘Chypre Accord’ or its presence within the ‘Fougère’ Olfactive Group,

For us the image below captures the note of Oakmoss wonderfully: earthy rich, inky bitter, evocative of a sensually damp but woody oak forest, with hints of musky and amber.

Outdoor Photgrapher Year Small World Oakmoss Fragrance Jay Birmingham

Do you find that photos have the power to create ‘olfactive images’ for you? Which images are the most potent for you?

Pairfum Young Karl Lagerfeld Chanel Fashion Fragrance

Karl Lagerfeld – His Top 10 Most Memorable Quotes

Sadly today the World lost one of its ‘Great Masterpieces’, the Original, the Unique, the ever Changing Karl Lagerfeld. A fashion designer, a creative director, an artist, photographer, Cat lover and caricaturist. He has left behind a legacy and body of work, few will ever be able to emulate.

We here at PAIRFUM London would like to honour the great man by remembering some of the wonderful quotes that shine a light on his unrepeatable personality.

Pairfum Karl Lagerfeld Yves Saint Laurent Fan

Here are 10 of his most memorable quotes:

Style in his words: “Chic is a kind of mayonnaise, either it tastes, or it doesn’t.”

About himself: “Everything I say is a joke. I am a joke myself.”

His tongue in cheek quote about beauty: “Life is not a beauty contest, some [ugly people] are great.”

His view on furniture: “The most important piece in the house is the garbage can.”

His take on the W.W.W. : “I don’t do internet, I don’t do Facebook. I have to sketch, I have to play with Choupette [his cat], I have to sleep. The day is too short for that.”

Pairfum Karl Lagerfeld Fashion Perfume Cat Choupette

On work: “Work is making a living out of being bored.”

On being asked about tattoos: “I think tattoos are horrible.”

On Dress or should we say Business Sense: “I remember a designer who said that intelligent women don’t wear her dresses. Obviously, she went bankrupt.”

On style: “Don’t dress to kill, dress to survive.”

On Coco Chanel: “What I’ve done, Coco Chanel would never have done. She would have hated it”

Pairfum Karl Lagerfeld Coco Chanel Fashion Fragrance

Some Special Quotes, that we could not leave out:

On his ego: “I’m very much down to Earth. I’m just not from this Earth.”

On his bedroom: “If you see it you will think about everything except sex, because it is the unsexiest room ever. I love unsexy bedrooms.”

Our Thoughts

Here at Pairfum London, our thoughts and sympathies are with his family and friends.

The worlds of fashion and fragrance is a poorer place without you Mr. Lagerfeld. It will take a giant to fill your exquisitely crafted designer shoes.

He is one of the Legends of this industry.

Pairfum Young Karl Lagerfeld Fashion Design Perfume
Pairfum Karl Lagerfeld Claudia Schiffer Muse Fan
Pairfum Karl Lagerfeld Quote Memorable Fashion Design Fragrance
Pairfum Young Karl Lagerfeld Fashion Design Fragrance
Pairfum Karl Lagerfeld Fashion Perfume
Pairfum Karl Lagerfeld Quote Memorable Fashion Perfume
Pairfum Karl Lagerfeld Fashion Fragrance
Pairfum Karl Lagerfeld Fashion Fragrance Cat Choupette

Pairfum London Springfair 2019 Eau De Parfum

Pairfum London at the Springfair 2019

The Springfair 2019 is the leading ‘business-2-business’ trade fair for retailers, both in the UK and Internationally.

We would like to invite all of our retail customers to visit our stand during the upcoming Springfair in Birmingham (UK).

We will be introducing our New Products & Fragrances for the Year 2019.


The show runs from the 3-7 FEBRUARY 2019.

Here is a link to the website:

Our stand details:

Pairfum London (by InovAir Ltd)
Stand No: 6T20

We are in the same location as last year, right on the border between Halls 20 and 6, (beside one of the big pillars).

Springfair 2019 VIP Invite Pairfum London Fragrance
Springfair 2019 VIP Invite Pairfum London Fragrance

VIP Invite

As every year, we are delighted to offer a VIP ticket to our customers. Here are some of the Perks of the VIP Ticket:

  • Free & exclusive access to the Season’s Club Lounge to sit down in peace & quiet and take a quick break during your busy day.
  • Free charging stations for your laptop, iPad and mobile. Keep in touch with your office.
  • Enjoy delicious cups of free Coffee and Tea to recharge.
  • Free cloakroom. It may not sound like much but you will be delighted not having to carry your coat all day.
  • Free car parking at the NEC or 25% Off Virgin Train tickets

To take advantage of this offer, please register to visit the show using the following code:

Springfair 2019 VIP Ticket Pairfum London
Springfair 2019 VIP Ticket Pairfum London
Springfair 2019 Floorplan Pairfum London 6T20
Springfair 2019 Floorplan Pairfum London 6T20
Square Flower Art Purple Natural Form

Square Leaf & Flower Art

Square Leaf Art Green Water Lily Natural Form

Have you ever seen ‘Flower Art’ with square flowers or leaves?

No, neither have we, which is why we enjoyed Baku Maeda’s novel artistic approach to flowers and leaves.

He created square flowers and leaves to challenge nature’s organic forms.

Square Flower Art Pink Organic Form

Baku Maeda calls them his ‘bit flowers’ and ‘bit leaves’ series. In this series he trimmed the petals of various flowers, leaves and foliage into square shapes, creating a juxtaposition against their typically organic, natural shape.

By contrast, the Japanese Artist’s typical medium is relatively humble: He transforms greenery and flowers into graphic visuals.

With his two ‘series’ of square nature, we believe he created a new form of ‘Flower Art’!

Square Flower Art Yellow Organic Form

Art in Floristry usually focusses on unique combinations and presentations of flowers and greenery in novel bouquets or arrangements. Florists might curve a plant but we have not yet seen them cutting a flower (or plant) into a desired shape.

Baky Maeda might have started something new their.

Square Flower Art Pale Pink Organic Form

Flower Art Idea

The next time you are buying a beautiful floral bouquet for your partner, a friend, a colleague or somebody very dear to you, stop and ask the florist whether she/he can cut the bouquet into your preferred shape.

We would love to hear the reaction of the florist. Do let us know what she/he thought of this form of ‘Flower Art’.

In the meantime, if you are looking for something artistic and square, why not look at our ‘Cube’ shaped Reed Diffusers?

Square Leaf Art Green Water Lily Organic Form

Flower Art Photo Gallery

Pairfum London Niche Perfumery Flower Head

A New Niche Perfumery Product?

Pairfum London Niche Perfumery Flower Head Rousseau

Do you enjoy Niche Perfumery products and would you enjoy wearing your fragrance as a floral beard or a blooming peruke?

We all like new fragrances and wearing perfume is part of our persona.

In the search for new perfumes, many of us have become familiar with ‘niche perfumery’, ‘artisan fragrance’, ‘indie perfume’ and ’boutique fragrances’.

It is an expanding part of the perfumery market known to be very creative and personal with its fragrances and ingredients but also the product forms themselves, i.e. not just a spray.

With this in mind, we enjoyed these head pieces composed of flowers.

Pairfum London Niche Perfumery Flower Head Leopold

Flower Beards by Geoffroy Mottart

Geoffroy Mottart decorated famous busts in belgium with the floral beards you can see in the photos below.

He wanted to reinvigorate often overlooked, historic busts found in parks and public spaces across Belgium with his floral touch.

Statues depicting historic figures such as Leopold II, Hermes and the Goddess of Bocq are adorned with blooming hairstyles and botanical beards.

“This idea came to me because I realized that most people pass by these statues without paying attention to them,” the artist says.

Vibrantly coloured flowers are arranged to mimic the silhouette and shape of the bust or sculpture, thereby adding a touch of humour.

In the process, the historic busts acquire a new life and persona.

“By putting a floral note in places or on objects, spectators pay attention to my work and rediscover what surrounds it.”

Pairfum London Niche Perfumery Flower Head Delville

What is Niche Perfumery?

We believe the terms Niche, Indie, Boutique and Artisan Perfumes describe, broadly speaking, something similar, as all of them typically have these features in common:

  1. in-house perfumer
  2. no mass marketing
  3. limited quantity & availability
  4. unusual fragrance notes

Head over to our online boutique for some wonderful niche perfumery products for your home and yourself.

Pairfum London Niche Perfumery Flower Head Bocq

What are the Other Fragrance Types?

Knowing Niche Perfumery, the question obviously arises of what the other fragrance classes are.

Here is how these are normally classified:

  1. Prestige Fragrances – perfumes from Houses such as Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder, etc.
  2. Celebrity Fragrances – fragrances launched or endorsed by celebrities. These can range from Rihanna over Beckham to Tom Ford.
  3. Mass & Masstige Perfumes – the fragrances you would find in Drugstores and Supermarkets with a variety of ‘own-name’ branding.

Photo Gallery

Beautiful Flower Nests Petal Special Bee Larvae Pairfum 19

Bees Use Petals To Make Beautiful Flower Nests

Beautiful Flower Nests Petal Special Bee Larvae Pairfum 13

Did you know that these beautiful flower nests are made by a special type of bee for their larvae?

We all associate bees with building bee hives, being a colonial organisation and having a Queen Bee.

However, an unusual bee species called ‘osmia avosetta’ creates beautiful flower nests made from flower petals to protect their larvae.

The mating females, without the help of worker bees, create these wonderfully colourful homes for their young.

During the course of 1 – 2 days, the mother bee sources petals from various flowers to create the nest and then places a single bee egg inside this new ‘Flower Home’.

The bee bites off the petal from the flower, flies back to its new nest and applies a thin coat of mud between each new layer of petals.

Beautiful Flower Nests Petal Special Bee Larvae Pairfum 14

The larve is then placed inside and the nest is sealed.

A few days later the egg hatches into a larvae and spins itself a cocoon inside the beautiful nest, i.e. quasi a home inside a home.

Beautiful Flower Nests Petal Special Bee Larvae Pairfum 12

“It’s not common for bees to use parts of plants for nests,” says Dr. Jerome Rozen of the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH).

“There’s a demand for biologists to know bees nowadays, … they are the foremost animal pollinators of plants, and tremendously important for maintaining ecosystems — not only crops but also for conservation.”

Read more about this phenomenon that Dr. Rozen researched extensively here.

Beautiful Flower Nests Petal Special Bee Larvae Pairfum 18

To turn your home into a cocoon with beautiful flowers, why not treat your ‘nest’ to one of our wonderful floral fragrances?

At this time of the year and fitting with the theme of ‘bees’, we recommend ‘Orangery Blossoms‘, as it contains a warming honey-note in its base.

Fragrance Description Orangery Blossoms Apricot Ylang Honey Sandalwood
Fragrance Description Orangery Blossoms Apricot Ylang Honey Sandalwood
Beautiful Flower Nests Petal Special Bee Larvae Pairfum 11
Beautiful Flower Nests Petal Special Bee Larvae Pairfum 16
Beautiful Flower Nests Petal Special Bee Larvae Pairfum 2
Dream Holiday Spirit Spa Dive Coral

Are you Dreaming of a Holiday?

Dream Holiday Spirit Spa Aqua Bay Yacht

When the weather outside is cold & miserable, we can find ourselves dreaming of a holiday.

Especially after Christmas and the New Year, our thoughts easily turn to the next holiday.

We have a wonderful fragrance here at Pairfum London to get you into the ‘holiday spirit’.

Start your vacation early with an ‘olfactive’ holiday!

Fragrance your home with our perfume called ‘SPA’ (candle, diffuser, spray) and allow your ‘mind’ to travel ahead to your next dream destination.

We have all experienced how perfume can bring memories that we treasure and the fragrance ‘SPA’ can send you back (or forward) to the last time you were swimming in an infinity pool, lounged beside the pool or floated in the ocean.

Head over to our online boutique to book your next vacation.

Here is an ‘olfactive’ description of what you can expect to experience on your olfactive vacation with SPA by Pairfum.

Fragrance Description Spa Violet Green Tea Sea Salt
Dreaming Holiday SPA Pool Water
Spa Wonderful Outdoors Dreaming Surf Paddle Board
Dream Holiday Spirit Spa Dive Blue
Dream Holiday Spirit Spa Sunset
Pairfum London 2019 Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year 2019 Pairfum London

We would like to wish All of our customers, partners, friends and family a very Happy New Year 2019.

We wish you much Happiness, Healthy and Prosperity.

Happy New Year Pairfum London 2019

Out with the old, in with the new:

We wish that you have a superb January, a dazzling February, a Peaceful March, an anxiety free April and a sensational May.

May the Joy that keep going from June to November, and then round off with an upbeat December.

We thank you for your custom, patronage, support and all your little kindnesses (that often go unnoticed) throughout 2018.

Happy New Year 2019.

Pairfum London Happy New Year 2019

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