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Do you ‘scents’ your food ?

Think about last night:

  • Did you experience the fragrance notes of your last meal ?
  • Did you feel the texture of the food in your mouth ?
  • Do you feast on a banquet with your eyes ?

Why not create a ‘dinner for your senses’ ?

A ‘sense dinner’ feeds and stimulates all of your senses, not just your taste buds. It is the combination of a fine meal, exquisite wine, fantastic table decorations, a fabulously scented room with luxuriously fragranced candles.

In fact, with a ‘sense dinner’ you will enjoy multi-sensorial dinner:

  • Taste: this is fine dining but you only taste in four dimensions: sweet, sour, bitter and salty. The mulitverse of flavours you experience when dinning all come from the nose.
  • Nose: this is the olfactory part of the dinner. It turns a meal into fine dining through the scents of the food you prepared. It is the aroma you notice before you eat and the richness of the flavours while you dine.
  • Eyes: the presentation of the meal, fantastic table settings and the beauty of the room will all enhance your meal.
  • Touch: do you sit comfortably ? What does the cutlery feel like to the touch but also when you place it in your mouth ?

When you prepare the next dinner for somebody special, think about all of these senses ! They will sense the difference.

How about reviewing the next restaurant you are going to dine in ? Ask you friends & family around the table what their senses think of the meal and the restaurant. You may be surprised.

Have you ever given your dinner a ‘Scent Theme’ ?

Here are some thoughts:

  • ‘chocolate’: Mexican Chocolate Chicken, chocolates with the coffee, a chocolate scented candle in the room, …
  • ‘rose’: Chinese shrimp in rose Schnapps to start, grilled sirloin steak and rose chutney, rose scented turkish delight with the coffee, a reed diffuser with beautifully rose fragrance on the sideboard, …
  • ‘lavender’: lavender scented bisquits

Let a ‘dinner for your senses’ inspire your creativity.

Here at PAIRFUM we automatically sense the ‘fragrance’. What do you do ? Do you taste first and then enjoy the aroma ?

multi sensorial and fragrant food

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