Pack of 50 x Smelling Strips

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Create a perfumery counter and sample various perfumes with the use of smelling strips.

Instead of spraying a perfume room spray in the air or an Eau de Parfum on your skin, using smelling strips allows you to try more perfumes than one normally could.

Beautifully showcases the perfumes in the Pairfum Collection.

Suitable for the following products:

  • Natural Home Fragrance: perfumed room sprays, aromatherapy pillow sprays, fragranced linen & fabric sprays
  • Natural Perfume: Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette,

For use in-store but also at home.

Just to clarify, the black smelling strip holder is not included (nor the hand holding it).

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What are Smelling Strips, Blotters or Mouillettes ?

All three are names used to describe these strips made of absorbant and odourless pieces of paper that use to sample perfume and essential oils.

After the actual essential oils, smelling strips the most important element in a perfumer’s tool kit.

Most of us, however, will know them from our visits to the perfumery counter in a department store, duty free or fragrance boutique. They are the paper strips the store assistants spray and hand over to you.

If you want to try a large variety of different fragrances it is impossible to simply spray them:

  • onto your skin
  • in the air, or
  • onto fabric

You won’t have enough patches of skin where to spray them and you will find they begin to mix.

You may also wish to test what a fragrance smells like after a few hours, a day or even several days.

In these circumstances, smelling strips are ideal.

Equally, if you are evaluating or studying different raw materials, the use of smelling strips / blotters / mouilette is vital.

Types of Smelling Strips and which should you choose?

Here are the main types and their specific use:

  • Narrow or Pointed End – ideal for dipping into narrow neck bottles or evaluating small amounts of raw materials.
  • Square or Paddle End –  the wider surface area is better spraying perfume. By folding the paper longways, it can also be used for dipping.

How should you Smell Fragrance with a Smelling Strip ?

The first thing to do, it write on the blotter what you are about to use the strip for, e.g. the name of the perfume or oil. Once you work with multiple strips, it will impossible to remember what you dipped them into and sprayed onto them. Remember, fragrances change as the oils evaporate and you might struggle to recognise what the note.

Never use a smelling strips twice, i.e. dipping / spraying it at two ends, or worse even, never overdip / overspray it. You have to ensure that you fingers are not touching the oils which is why you should not use both ends. Overdipping / -spraying leads to the mixing of scents and prevents the true odour profile from being displayed.

Always keep the scented ends of the strips away from each other, i.e. don’t let them mix

If you place the strips on a table, ensure that you bend up its end before you dip/spray it so that the scented tip does not touch the surface, i.e. prevents mixing / contamination.

Ideally, you should have a smelling strip holder.

Ensure that your nose or face do not touch the blotter / mouilette / strip. If they do, you will be carrying the scent with you all day and everything you smell afterwards will be tainted. For a little fun, try it out! You will be surprised that even your freshly brewed cup of tea or your steak at dinner time all smell of the fragrance you were sampling that day.


Perfume Smelling Strip Blotter Mouillette Fragrance Oil
Pack of 50 x Smelling Strips
£ 2.50
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