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Snow Crystal Candle

Answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the PAIRFUM Snow Crystal Candle and why they are the ultimate luxury scented candles.

Plant Based Wax ?

What kind of wax is the vegetal / plant based candle?

Our wax is called stearine wax. There are various types of stearin wax but basically they split into two fields:

• from an animal source. Typically, it would be a side product from food production. The very first stearine candles were made in Scandinavia from whale fats.

• from a plant source. These can be from palm, avocado, coconut, etc.
Unlike soy, parrafin, beeswax, etc. which are all ‘fats’, the Pairfum stearine wax is slightly acidic, i.e. it has the same acidity as the human skin – a PH-value of 5.5.
This is why is feels so hard & different to the touch.  The Pairfum stearine wax is a 100 % natural, plant based wax which comes from old & stustainably managed farms.

Thanks to this wax, the candle does not smoke or soot, even when the candle flame is flickering (e.g. in a draft) or fanned by hand. A peculiarity of the wax is that it is not soft and does not go soft when the candle burns, i.e. it is either hard or liquid.
A key advantage over fatty waxes (soy, parrafin, beeswax, etc.) is that the wax does not attract dust and any dust that may gather on the top of the candle does not stick to it but instead can be blown from the candle easily. This means a shop can just blow any dust away that may have collected on a tester candle and the candle looks ‘fresh’ again.

Pairfum’s plant based wax does not come from a GM modified crop, unlike most soy waxes. 99% of all soy wax produced in the US is from GM modified crop. It is our opinion that this is ‘time tomb’ waiting to hit candle suppliers, when consumers realise that their so called ‘natural & safe’ soy wax candles have in fact been tampered with by humans in laboratories.

Stearine wax candles are regarded by the Scandinavians as the finest wax candles money can buy. This means something because Scandinavia has the highest consumption of candles per head in the world, due to their long & dark winters.

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