Santa’s Sleigh

Santa’s Sleigh was first mentioned in 1821 in a poem called “Old Santeclause with Much Delight”.

It was published in the book “A New-Year’s Present”, and

describes Santeclaus bringing presents to children on a reindeer sleigh.

Have you started shopping for Christmas Gifts already?

Don’t leave it to the last minute but also be easy on yourself.

Remember, Santa has to travel 510,000,000 km on Christmas Eve from the North Pole and only has 32 hours to do.

Order your Gifts online this year at our online boutique and let Pairfum London’s Santa deliver them on time directly to your home.

Not to let ‘Santa Out Of the Bag’ for your children, we will make sure Santa disguises himeself as the friendly delivery man of our courier company.

By the way, when did you last enjoy a sleigh ride in the snow?

Do you remember the fun you can have with an old-fashioned sleigh?

Make sure you have a sleigh ready to hand, just in case it does snow this Christamas.

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