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How to make your own Scented Drawer Liner

How To Make Your Own Scented Drawer Liner

Why Should You Create Your Own Scented Drawer Liner ?

Creating your own scented drawer liner is the perfect remedy if you are tired of your clothes smelling the same as the drawers from whence they came. Not only will it give your drawers a whole new look, but your clothes will have a refreshing and longer lasting fragrance of being freshly laundered.

For more reasons why you should have drawer liners, JAM Organising wrote an excellent article detailing the key benefits.

Traditional Fragrant Drawer Liners

Make Your Own Scented Drawer Liner – A Step by Step Guide

Below are some steps as to how to make your own scented drawer liner. The fragrance you choose is completely up to you. 

We do caveat this by recommending that you buy essential oils rather than fragrance oils because they won’t last as long.

Step 1: Ensure You Have All Of The Required Materials

Wall Paper / Wrapping Paper / Decorative Copy Paper Small Glass Dish Cotton Balls / Scent Bottle
Scissors Ruler  Essential Oil (of your choice)

Floral Drawer Liners

Step 2: Choose Your Scented Drawer Liner Paper

Choose the paper you’d like to use in your dresser. If you can spare it, wall paper is very absorbent and will therefore be more effective and it can also be reused. 

Alternatively, Nice wrapping paper or decorative copy paper are ideal because they can be easily replaced when the fragrance dissipates. 

Step 3: Measure The Dimensions of Your Drawers

Measure both the width and length of the inside of the drawer bottom you would like to be lined and then cut your chosen paper according to these dimensions.

Step 4: Mix Your Essential Oils

Create a mixture of essential oil and water. The ratio you should aim for is 50ml of water to evert 2ml of the essential oils.

Stylist Chest Of Drawers

Step 5: Add Your Mixture To A Clean Spray Bottle

Pour mixture into a clean spray bottle. 

Please note: to be sure that the spray bottle is clear if debris or you may spray additional / unwanted scents on to your paper. 

If you don’t have a spray bottle lying around, add the mixture to a small dish. Then dip and slightly drain a cotton ball.

Wooden Drawer

Step 6: Apply The Mixture To The Drawer Lining Paper

Spray a mist of the mixture over the paper until it is completely damp.

Alternatively, gently brush the cotton ball over the BACK side of the paper. The more of the paper you cover the stronger your scent will be.

Step 7: Leave your Scented Drawer Liner To Dry

Hang your paper to dry on a clothesline or drying rack. If for any reason neither a available to you, you can place a towel on a flat surface and lay your paper on top.

Drying times vary dependent on the amount of solution that you have applied.

Scented Clothing Drawer Liner

Traditionally drawer liners are used where you store your clothes, but there is no reason you are unable to add scented drawer liners to drawers in your kitchen, bathroom or any other room you feel would be suitable.

During your research you may have heard about fabric liners being an alternative to paper. We would advise against this because you risk the essential oils being absorbed by the fabric rather than evaporating which can stain your clothes. 

Pairfum Flacon Perfume Linen Fabric Signature White Lavender

Bonus Tips:

If you want to be without the hassle of making your own mixture, might we recommend spraying your drawer lining paper with our Linen Spray. We recommend lavender because it is unbeatable for being long lasting and maintaining its freshness.

Alternatively,  you may wish spray your favourite perfume on drawer lining paper. Although please be careful, as it might stain your clothes.

The great advantage of using a spray to freshen up your drawer lining paper is that you can refresh them at any time and you are not limited in your choice of perfume or paper.

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