Are you Dreaming of a Holiday?

Dream Holiday Spirit Spa Aqua Bay Yacht

When the weather outside is cold & miserable, we can find ourselves dreaming of a holiday.

Especially after Christmas and the New Year, our thoughts easily turn to the next holiday.

We have a wonderful fragrance here at Pairfum London to get you into the ‘holiday spirit’.

Start your vacation early with an ‘olfactive’ holiday!

Fragrance your home with our perfume called ‘SPA’ (candle, diffuser, spray) and allow your ‘mind’ to travel ahead to your next dream destination.

We have all experienced how perfume can bring memories that we treasure and the fragrance ‘SPA’ can send you back (or forward) to the last time you were swimming in an infinity pool, lounged beside the pool or floated in the ocean.

Head over to our online boutique to book your next vacation.

Here is an ‘olfactive’ description of what you can expect to experience on your olfactive vacation with SPA by Pairfum.

Fragrance Description Spa Violet Green Tea Sea Salt
Dreaming Holiday SPA Pool Water
Spa Wonderful Outdoors Dreaming Surf Paddle Board
Dream Holiday Spirit Spa Dive Blue
Dream Holiday Spirit Spa Sunset
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